Maize Production Support Initiative

Faced with growing competition from maize attracting cotton producers, Ivoire Coton has initiated a new maize production support project aimed at strengthening grower loyalty. The program, rolled out during the 2023/2024 growing season, provides inputs and advisory services to help cotton farmers optimise maize cultivation alongside their cotton crops.
The key objectives are twofold: promote intensive, high-yielding maize production practices while enabling cotton growers to dedicate sufficient time to properly maintain their cotton plots and potentially increase acreage. By making maize cultivation more productive and lucrative, Ivoire Coton aims to counter the establishment of rival maize operations that have caused declines in cotton producer numbers and area under cultivation.
Under the initiative, participating farmers receive a comprehensive input package including high-yield hybrid maize seeds, fertilisers, herbicides, and agricultural advisory support. Grower selection and eligibility for maize input loans are closely tied to the farmer’s cotton production capacity, yields, and acreage.
During the 2023/2024 season, the project covered 5,000 hectares involving 3,854 growers, primarily in regions experiencing a strong shift toward maize. Preliminary results from around 70% of the area show promising average maize yields of 4 metric tons per hectare using the recommended intensive practices.
Based on this positive initial feedback, Ivoire Coton plans an expanded 8,000-hectare program for the upcoming 2024/2025 season. The maize support project allows the company to bolster its relationship with cotton producers by increasing their income potential and alleviating the maize production pressures that have previously impacted cotton area.
By M. DJARY N’da Koffi Williams
Director of Technical Support

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