Transforming digital landscapes to drive innovative solutions


East Africa

Empowering Businesses Through Sustainable Connectivity
SEACOM was the first company to provide a fibre optic cable network linking South & East Africa to Europe, providing affordable broadband capacity. Its cutting-edge solutions allow cities to embrace innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, driving the evolution towards smarter and greener urban cities.
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Central Asia

State-of-the-Art Connectivity Transcending Geographical Boundaries
Roshan (Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Limited Liability Company) is Afghanistan’s leading communications provider and was the first Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications operator launched its operation in 2003, covering all 34 provinces with approximately 6 million active subscribers and a deep commitment to the country’s reconstruction and development. As one of the largest employers in Afghanistan, Roshan directly employs over 1,000 people and indirectly employs 46,000 people. Roshan has built an extensive network infrastructure covering both urban centres and rural areas of Afghanistan. They have invested significantly in expanding their network reach and improving service quality. Roshan has been recognised for promoting social development and connectivity in Afghanistan. The company has initiatives aimed at empowering communities through technology, including programs focused on education, healthcare and entrepreneurship.
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Central Asia

Fostering Progress and Connectivity
Tcell was the first Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communications operator in Tajikistan. It has invested in fibreoptic and 4G technology to meet the rapidly growing demand for data in the region. With a 3 million subscriber base, it facilitates seamless connectivity, enabling businesses to thrive, individuals to stay connected, and communities to access vital resources.
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