Ivoire Coton Launches The Digit Agri App

Ivoire Coton, one of the largest cotton companies in Côte d’Ivoire, has launched a digitalisation project aimed at modernising its agricultural operations and traceability. The initiative, which kicks off ahead of the 2023/2024 growing season, has three primary objectives:
  1. Utilise digital technology to monitor and track all agricultural activities
  2. Improve communication and knowledge sharing between Ivoire Coton’s field advisors and cotton farmers
  3. Implement traceability measures throughout the cotton production process
To achieve these goals, Ivoire Coton has developed a new digital application called Digit Agri. The app will be rolled out to the company’s agricultural advisors, who will use it to collect and share data, communicate with farmers, and log production details.
The digitalisation project is partly funded through the Cotton4Impact initiative, implemented within the Sub-Saharan Cotton Initiative (SSCI) framework supported by the German development agency GIZ. Cotton4Impact, which launched in November 2021, is a consortium comprising of the Swiss company, Paul Reinhart, Alliance Ginneries Limited (Zambia and Tanzania), and Ivoire Coton.
By embracing digital agriculture technology, Ivoire Coton aims to boost productivity, sustainability, and traceability across its cotton operations. The Digit Agri app will empower field advisors and farmers with data-driven insights to improve practices and outcomes.
By Vassiriki KONE
Head of study and project department.

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