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At IPS, sustainability is embedded in our purpose. We believe in building a future that is sustainable, resilient, and conducive to the well-being of all.
When Ebola first hit, there was looming fear on the severity of the disease amongst the staff at Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI). The staff had numerous questions on how they could protect themselves against the deadly disease, especially after reports of contacts of the disease escaping and deaths being reported by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Uganda.
Over the years KPI has had a culture of being mindful of their employee’s health and well-being. They have a comprehensive Workplace Wellness Programme that focuses on financial, physical, and psychosocial well-being. This programme has benefitted hundreds of employees through continuous health and wellness sensitization forums.
‘‘It’s been about 2 months since the Ebola outbreak was declared in Uganda, and Ebola cases are currently reducing, so far, we have managed to sensitize all our staff on protective measures as advised by the Ministry of Health Uganda and WHO,’’

Bright Ndahiro the Environment and social officer, KPI

Bright mentions that the KPI wellness team got Ebola training materials and posters from the MOH Uganda as soon as the disease was declared in September 20. He adds that the staff was trained in small groups to avoid crowding which was one of the precautionary measures.
Posters with key information were placed at various key locations in the factory and the staff was also issued with fact sheets that contained frequently asked questions on the disease. According to the wellness team, KPI staff has not been linked with anyone with Ebola symptoms, and the environment is very conducive to work. The sensitization forums positively impacted on the employees and enabled them to be more at ease.

MOH Uganda recently reported that the cases are reducing, however movement in and out of the hot spots for the disease’s spread (Mubende and Kassanda districts in central Uganda) have been restricted up to December 17. Central Uganda’s Mubende district was where the outbreak was originally declared on September 20.

At KPI we continue to ensure that measures advised by MOH Uganda and WHO are followed.
By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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