Be Aware Stay Safe

Are you aware of the electric safety practices? This is a question worth asking considering we use electricity to run operations and even in our households. You could be charging your phone, using an electric heater, or even fixing a bulb in your house.

Globally, electrical accidents account for a significant portion of accidents. A recent ​​​​​​article​​​​​​​ indicated that at least 10 people die weekly in Uganda due to electrocution. Therefore, there is a dire need to raise awareness of safety practices.

As an electricity generation company, WENRECo launched a multifaceted campaign ‘Be aware Stay Safe’ to sensitize the WENRECo community on Electrical Safety, help them identify, report, and correct home electrical hazards. The campaign was launched in May, the electrical safety month to align with the global goal of creating awareness on how to avoid potential electrical hazards.

"In our first phase of the campaign, we visited places of worship to sensitize the congregation.’’

Njuba Peterson - EHS Officer

Speaking at the St. Phillips Anglican Church, the EHS officer highlighted the dangers of electricity. He then urged the congregation to be on the alert and reach out to the WENRECo team for help in case of any electricity anomaly within their area.
During the first phase of the campaign, the team has visited several churches and reached over 2,200 people. We are hopeful that we will reach an even bigger population to ensure that the people within the Western Nile region are on the loop on how to approach electricity safety.
By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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