Zero Waste to Landfill

Have you ever walked past a waste dumping site or a landfill? There is a certain pungent smell that accompanies you along, that alone should make you question why we allow the disposal of our waste to landfill. But then, that’s not even the major reason why we should advocate for zero waste to landfills. Waste disposed of at landfills takes hundreds of years to break down and produces toxins, leachate and greenhouse gasses which are all dangerous for the environment and our health.  Across the Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) group of companies, waste management has been key in our operations, all IPS project companies are aligning with the Zero waste to landfill target by 2025, by adopting initiatives to ensure a circular economy.
Over the years our project companies have been working towards curbing waste by progressively adopting the waste hierarchy approach, in 2021  Allpack diverted 97.7% of waste from landfills, Frigoken Limited had a 97% diversion rate, Farmers Choice Limited diverted 82% of its waste and Premier Foods Limited had a 54% diversion from landfills. Through our comprehensive waste management systems, we aim to ensure that by 2025 we achieve the zero waste to Landfill target.
On World Environment Day, the IPS communication and sustainability team hosted a waste management training with all the sustainability champions across the group to sensitize them on waste management practices, as part of the waste campaign to meet our Zero Waste to Landfill target by 2025.
‘‘As a group, we will continue sharing our best practices and hope that our actions will prompt other organizations to take action as we cannot do this alone. It takes a multi-sectoral approach, and we are ready to work with teams who share our vision. We have adopted several initiatives to ensure that we meet our targets both at our factories and beyond,’’

Nushin Ghassmi head of sustainability and communication at IPS.

IPS and all the project companies commit to reducing waste sent to landfills. 
By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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