Turning a Dumpsite into a Greenfield

Do you have one of those neighbors who dumps their waste in your backyard? What have you done about it? Wire Products Limited (WPL) sustainability champions came up with the brilliant idea of turning a dumping site into a greenfield. The champions planted bamboo trees at the site. They kicked off the greenfield project by carrying out a mass cleanup on World Earth Day to help get rid of all the waste, as part of their  Zero waste to landfill initiative.
WPL sustainability champions cleaning the dumping site in preparation to plant bamboo trees
The team cleaned up the entire area and ensured the waste they were collecting had been properly segregated. WPL works with innovative waste partners who collect their waste for recycling, reusing and proper disposal. They have also adopted waste segregation at the point of generation at the various places within the factory and are sensitizing their staff on proper disposal.
‘‘We plan on planting about 76 bamboo tree seedlings at the area we cleaned today, and we will also plant 82,000 bamboo tree seedlings within the project area,’’

Kevin Namuye a staff & sustainability champion at WPL.

Bamboo trees planted at the site
The WPL sustainability champions also fenced the green field they cleaned to prevent waste from being dumped in the area as the bamboo tree planting has already begun.
‘‘We have a robust waste management system at our factory and work with strategic partners to mitigate our waste,’’

added Margaret Njeri a sustainability champion at WPL.

With the Zero waste to landfill by 2025 target, WPL is on a journey to mitigate waste at the factory and beyond through best practices and innovative initiatives.
KPI part of the East Africa Health Expo 2022
Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI) participated in the East Africa (EA) Health Expo 2022 held between 25th and 27th May 2022, hosted by the UN SDG Partnership Platform and Open Phences, at Strathmore University.
The event brought together global, regional, national and local partners from the various sectors, including health, trade, tourism and education. The theme of the event is ‘East Africa as Hub for Specialized Medical Care, Investments in Health and Innovative Healthcare Solutions’.
The expo provided an opportunity for the EA region healthcare stakeholders to come together to market their services and address emerging challenges in the sector, digitization, Universal Health Coverage and supply chain amongst other issues in the sector. 
''The health expo gave us visibility, a chance to interact with various players across the healthcare sector, and an understanding of the standardization of healthcare services,''

Rosemary Anyango, Business Development Manager KPI.

By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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