TLL World cleanup day

Have you ever walked past a waste dumping site? There is a certain pungent smell that accompanies you along. This is a clear indication that the reduction of landfill waste is key to everyone. UNEP report shows that there is a growing threat across all ecosystems to plastic pollution.

TLL Printing & Packaging Ltd (TLLPPL) aim is to combat waste pollution in their project area. On world cleanup day, 16 of their employees in partnership with Nipe Fagia a waste management group and other like-minded groups took part in a cleanup session at Temeke area known as Mwembe Yanga. Community members were also part of this programme.
At IPS, sustainability is embedded in our purpose. We believe in building a future that is sustainable, resilient, and conducive to the well-being of all.
The activity took place in an open field where community members use for sports and other leisure activities.
‘‘There is need to implement stricter enforcements around littering, it is also important to create awareness among households in the communities on proper waste disposal.’’

Says Alkarim Pirmohamed an employee of TLLPPL who took part in the cleanup

He further adds that the company is committed to reducing waste pollution within the project area.

Tanzania has an Environmental Management Act that highlights that it is the responsibility of every Tanzanian (citizens, companies, and government institutions) to ensure that the environment is clean.

By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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