Farmers Choice Community clean-up

At IPS, sustainability is embedded in our purpose. We believe in building a future that is sustainable, resilient, and conducive to the well-being of all.
Leading up to the holiday season, on the Saturday morning of November 26th, the Kahawa West streets are filled with groups of volunteers dressed in red Farmers Choice reflectors, t-shirts, and caps collecting waste. The sunny weather didn’t scare off the volunteers who scrounged for waste around the streets. Their faces filled with delight as they worked together for the holiday season clean-up exercise.
Farmers Choice Ltd. (FCL) partnered with strategic like-minded stakeholders from the larger Kahawa West community to make the streets sparkle with a neighborhood cleanup on the 26th of November. FCL has a zero-waste-to-landfill target by 2025, and through our robust waste management system, we are promoting a circular economy within our operations and also extending the waste management approach in the areas in which we operate.
We were approached by the larger Kahawa West community, the area MCA, and Nairobi City Council to collaborate on a clean-up exercise through Sports for a Greener Environment, a community-based organization dedicated to protecting the environment and making it better, safer, and greener for sporting activities,’’

Nicholas Amukumbi, Environment, and Social Officer FCL

According to Lucy Odote the Marketing manager, FCL provided working gear to the clean-up volunteers including gloves, waste collection bags, branded reflector jackets, t-shirts, and refreshments.
Nicholas added that a long-term and sustainable approach is also being implemented to ensure that they continuously participate in environmental initiatives in the community.
FCL has adopted the roundabout and the adjacent street to the factory, to conduct daily cleaning and gardening.
By Metrine Papa
Regional Communications Officer, East Africa

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